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Wire Wrapping Ideas for You to DIY Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Wires are one of the most essential materials for wire wrapping. Usually, it is easier to make bracelets, earrings, pendants, rings or necklaces with jewelry wires like copper wire, memory wire, tiger tail, aluminum wire or iron wire if you get some wire wrapping techniques. Wires differ in sizes, colors and materials. And commonly we use gauge to refer to the wire size, the larger the gauge number, the thinner the wire. Typically thick jewelry are good for making heavy jewelry pieces, while thin wire are excellent for wire wrapping, coiling, weaving and binding. Apart from the sizes, different wires have got their own unique colors and materials, which can be used in different stringing occasions.

Nowadays, handcrafters and jewelry making designers love to use wires for making wire wrapping jewelry. Because of the applicability and necessity, wires, especially copper wires and aluminum wires, can be widely used for making wire wrapped jewelry, such as wire wrapped bracelets, wire wrapped earrings, wire wrapped pendants, wire wrapped ring and other wire wrapping crafts.

Now we will share some hot wire wrapped jewelry ideas below. Hope you can get some wire wrapping ideas and inspirations from these diversified wire wrapping jewelry made by our Pandahall crafts team members.

Wire wrapped bracelets: This wire wrapped bracelet is designed with beads, 0.5mm brass wire and 1.5mm aluminum wire. This waved pattern wire wrapping idea can inspire you to make your own wire wrapped bracelet with different sizes or colors of wires you like.

Wire wrapped earrings: These pair of wire wrapped earrings, which made with blue glass pearl beads, copper wires, aluminum wires and silver brass wire, are distinctive earrings with the basic wire wrapping and coiling technique.

Wire wrapped pendants: Using wire coiling gizmo techniques, our pandahall crafters made this wire wrapped pendant with green bead and wires; the green color and the shape of the pendant make the whole work looks like a fresh pearl.

Inspiring by ocean wave, pandahall jewelry maker created this wire wrapping pendant with colorful aluminum wires. This project is easy as you just need basic techniques of wire wrapping, but the wire wrapping idea is unique.

Wire wrapped ring: One of wire wrapping jewelry ideas is creating your own wire wrapped ring. Pandahall craft team members made it with green stone beads, acrylic beads, silvery copper wires and aluminum wires.

Other wire wrapping ideas: Do you love the above wire wrapping jewelry ideas? Here we will list some other wire wrapping ideas. These diversified and technical wire wrapped jewelry ideas are shared by our Pandahall craft team members. Hope you can get more fresh ideas from these wire wrapping projects!

Wires for making wire wrapping jewelry

If you are inspired by these wire wrapping ideas and eager to make your own wire wrapping jewelry now, just have a try! Here we will list some commonly used jewelry wires to help you choose the right wire for wire wrapping.

Wire wrapped jewelry available at Pandahall

Apart from these wires and wire wrapping jewelry ideas that designed by our Pandahall craft teams, finished wire wrapped jewelry are also available at pandahal.com. You can purchase some for your own decoration or as gift for the coming giving day or Christmas.
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